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President Loeak Holds Talks with Hawaii Governor and Senators

February 05, 2012

Republic of the Marshall Islands' President Christopher J. Loeak and Minister-in-Assistance to the President Tony A. deBrum met with Senator J. Kalani English and Senator Glen Wakai prior to the meeting with Governor Neil Abercrombie at the State Capitol in Honolulu, Hawaii. Both Senators are members of committees of Hawaii State Senate with oversight for allocations of resources for public services most affected by influx of citizens of the freely associated states. President Loeak accepted on behalf of the RMI Government the offer from the State Senators to ship out a container of medical equipment and supplies as well as computers and other office equipment to the RMI at the end of the month.

At the meeting with Governor Abercrombie, President Loeak took the opportunity to thank the Governor and the people of Hawaii for their goodwill in accepting the Marshallese people into their communities. President Loeak also expressed his full commitment to working with the Governor to addressing the compact impact and other issues of mutual interests.

In response, Governor Abercrombie said that he welcomes the President's commitment and that the State of Hawaii is also committed to work closely with the RMI Government as fellow Pacific Islands brothers not just to address the compact impact issues but, to look at possibilities of assisting Marshallese in Hawaii to gain employment and be productive members of society while in Hawaii.

President Loeak and Governor Abercrombie both agreed to open more dialogue among Departments in the State of Hawaii and relevant Ministries and Agencies of the RMI Government, and the RMI Consulate General in Hawaii; including involving Marshallese traditional leaders on outreach programs designed to assist Marshallese to better assimilate to their new life in Hawaii.

At the conclusion of the meeting, President Loeak and Governor Abercrombie exchange gifts in the Governor's ceremonial room.

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