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September 1, 2017

Although the last few weeks in the Legislature have been preoccupied with the issue of Honolulu's rail project, be assured Maui's priorities are not being neglected. Work is being done to oversee the responsible management of Molokai's watershed, to curb the spread of Rat Lungworm disease and to recognize and encourage the next generation of conservationists on Maui. As we move through the summer, I'll be continuing to focus on ways to strengthen the state's economy and sustainability goals.

2017 Legislative Reports - Volume 17

Issue 1 - January 31
Issue 2 - February 15
Issue 3 - March 1
Issue 4 - March 15
Issue 5 - April 1
Issue 6 - April 5 - Special Edition on Rat Lungworm Disease
Issue 7 - April 15
Issue 8 - April 29 - Special Update on Rat Lungworm Disease
Issue 9 - May 1
Issue 10 - June 1
Issue 11 - July 1
Issue 12 - August 1
Issue 13 - September 1 NEW

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